Thursday, November 29, 2007

After spending much of Thanksgiving weekend knitting the first sleeve, I tried it on to find that I hate it. The "seam" looks worse than if I--the worst seamer on the planet--had knit it flat. A 2 year old could've done better. I doubt it will ever be worn in public unless I reknit the sleeve AND do a better job the second time around. Actually, I really really really want to rip the entire thing out and start again (couldn't sleep one night this week b/c I couldn't stop fantasizing about springing out of bed and frogging it right then, at 2 am). Am using all my will-power resisting the urge b/c I fear:
a) this silk yarn will look hideous after being worked that much (some of it already does)
b) I'll loose all interest in the thing and never get a wearable sweater made of this luscious rusty silky merino yarn
and c) if I do follow-through, it still probably won't be finished until next fall when it will no longer fit due to my impending jabba-the-hutness.

Sorry to be such a poopy-head.

On the up side, you all have beautiful jumpers that I can admire. Can barely wait to see Jackie's in person.


Laurie said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles.. but ...... KNIT Happens!
I am sure you will make wonderful use of the yarn or reseam and love it!!

Lanora said...

You have had such drama with this sweater. I could reseam it for you. Just let me know!