Saturday, October 27, 2007

Despite feeling like I tinked as much, maybe more, than I knit, the sweater did get longer in the last 2 days. Unfortunately, some of the mistakes that I didn't tink are in the front and extremely obvious. In fact, the back looks way better than the front. If there wasn't a "seam" in the garter section, the front & back could just be flipped. Alas, the zephyr girlss were clever enough to design a center seam in piece of circular knitting! The worst part is that there are about 5 inches of very pretty knitting AFTER the mussed up part.
No more knitting on this thing until I decide whether or not it's worth pulling out that much work; especially since it'll take me weeks to reknit it without another car trip planned in which I get to be the passenger.
Next time, Lanora, I'll drive while you knit since you can probably knit accurately in the presence of people.
not sure why I make this turn of events sound so bad. The truth is that I love knitting and this yarn so pulling out 5 inches allows me to maximize the joy of the Tree Jumper.
(I tried to hide the bad parts in these photos.)


Knappy Knits said...

Looks good to me.

Lanora said...

"It's not the destination -- it's the journey"....